And the politics of life afterwards

Before we get started, I have to tell you two things:

I have a weird psychological relationship with death.
I have never told this story so openly to the world.

Ever since I was younger, I contemplated suicide for several reasons. Sometimes it was depression, other times it was curiosity…

Because he knew “everything” was a miracle that couldn’t be theorized

Before we get started, we need to be very clear about one thing: I am not saying this is the way things are, I’m saying this is the way they are made to be. Big difference, no time to explain it right now.

The reason why we don’t have time…

Su relación con la nacionalidad y los pasaportes

Puede parecer una pregunta trivial. La mayoría de la gente simplemente nace con la ciudadanía de un país en particular (o con suerte, de varios). Pero algunas personas, probablemente académicos, verían esta pregunta como compleja ya que puede tener connotaciones legales, políticas, socio-psicológicas e históricas.

Nosotros estamos aquí para hablar…

Its relationship to Nationality and Passports

It might seem like a trivial question. Most people are simply born with the citizenship of a particular country (or if they are lucky, with several). But some people, likely academics, might see this as an inherently complex question because it can have legal, political, socio-psychological and historical connotations.


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🌎 Citizen 📝 Citizenship, Diplomacy, & International Relations/Law 🤓Philosophy, Logic and Psychology 🟣@VoltEuropa

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